TE&Co – Reputation Branding: A Thought Leadership Video & Photo Service


We’ve taken our most effective strategies and put them into this workshop to help you lay the foundation to raise your profile in a way that tells your story, sharpens your voice, and earns the trust of your immediate audiences.



Reputation Branding: A Thought Leadership Video & Photo Service

No matter your industry, line of work, or your personal or professional goals, you will benefit from communicating more concisely, convincingly, and effectively.

In our visually interactive world, how you show up online is important.

This is especially true when you integrate your point of view into the context of your professional objectives, long- or short-term goals…and hone in on what sets you apart from the rest. Once all those markers line up, you’ll have a framework to show people who you are and what you are all about.

Introducing, #ReputationBranding: A Thought Leadership Video & Photo Service, designed to showcase your point of view, on your terms —and do so with efficiency in mind.

  • A one hour pre-shoot planning & media training session (via Zoom) that will extract your thought leadership and point of view as it relates to your personal and professional objectives — and will sharpen your talking points in advance the day of shoot.
  • Your day of the shoot will consist of a dedicated 45-minute, in-person, socially distanced, photo shoot & filmed video interview session. Members of TE&Co. team will remain in lockstep with you to support and enhance your techniques, talking points, & overall messaging that will integrate your thought leadership into the digital sphere.
  • Our post-shoot strategy session (via Zoom) will deliver (20) high-resolution images and six (6) edited video clip shorts and map out your web and digital reinforcement strategy to ensure that your thought leadership and point of view are at the forefront of your communications.

Your job? Show up and enjoy. TE&Co. will be there alongside you every step of the way.

4 ‘tentpoles’ to consider:

  1. If you had a forum, what is it that you’d want others to take away?
  2. What experiences have shaped the way you make decisions or interact with your clientele?
  3. How can you be strategic with your experience, expertise, or point of view?
  4. What sets you apart from your perceived competition?

Questions: Connect directly with Tamara at Tamara@Tamaraedwards.co